Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace Copywriters

Many advertising agencies Australia-wide are already integrating artificial intelligence (AI) usage as part of their day-to-day workflow. One of the most influential chatbots in the AI space – OpenAI’s ChatGPT – has recently announced it’s allowing users to pay for a subscription.

So what’s the difference? Well, ChatGPT 4 is supposed to excel at tasks where reasoning and creativity are required, and it’s meant to be more advanced than its predecessor.

If you think you can pay for a robot to create meaningful, thought-provoking and engaging content for your brand, well, to be perfectly blunt, you would be wasting your money.

AI-generated content doesn’t have that same wow-factor that human-generated content has. While it is a powerful tool and may seem amazing at first glance, it doesn’t have the power to make you stand out from competitors – especially if they are also utilising it. If you need more reasons as to why ChatGPT won’t boost your engagement, then read on to discover why the humble copywriter is here to stay.


Though ChatGPT can be used in creative ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean the content it creates is creative. The content this chatbot creates is based on existing data and copy on the internet, but it’s limited in what’s been done before.

And this is where copywriters can be game changers for your content. Their creative spark is next-to-none, and they can pull one-liners out of thin air that are specialised to your content and the current trends.

Though ChatGPT can help generate content ideas if you’re stuck, it often repeats the same generic ideas with slight changes to fit different industries. As opposed to this, a copywriter can come up with their own topics or ideas that are outside the box and make you stand out, something that a robot just can’t do.

Tone and Voice

Each individual person has a unique way of speaking. No two people will ever use the same idioms or pop culture references – unless they’re absolute besties, of course. It’s the nuances in our everyday language that ChatGPT just can’t capture when it produces content. Its inability to write with an engaging voice makes its content sound the same – artificial, inauthentic and repetitive to read.

Copywriters far and wide are masters in the art of spicing up content to make it more engaging to read while reflecting the tone and values of the brand they’re embodying. And even if a copywriter is creating content on behalf of a thought leader, they will take the time to get to know the person they’re writing for and understand the nuances of how they speak. This often pays off in authentic content that reads well while reflecting who the person is.

And if someone gets ChatGPT to write up a social media post – either with no emojis or far too many – tech-savvy viewers will just know that something’s just not right. Users love authenticity – especially on social media, and brands should embrace being human, rather than getting a robot to pretend to be human for them.


We’ve already touched on the staleness of ChatGPT-created content, but it’s quality that makes copywriters far more favourable than AI. Once you’ve read a few chatbot-created blogs on different topics, you start to pick up on a few key traits that make them all so similar.

They repeat the stale sentence structure for every opening paragraph, reiterate everything in the final paragraph and tend to take your topic request too literally. And though the chatbot might write a passable piece of content, it’s not captivating nor is it fun to read, especially when you’ve started picking up on the patterns.

However, copywriters have mastered the art of researching oddly niche topics for equally niche clients. It’s these writers who have perfected how they translate that research into a piece of content that resonates with the reader that inspires action and evokes certain emotions.

Don’t Use a Robot, Use an OtherBirds Copywriter

While yes, the advancements in AI technology are exciting to those in multiple industries, just know that they’re not a good substitute for high-quality original content made for humans, by humans.

And if you want to see how the OtherBirds copy team can take your brand to the next level, get in touch today and let’s start talking strategy.

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