The Power of Short-Form Video Content

We all know that staying current in the online space involves embracing the latest trends. All the best brand development techniques and customer data mean little if they aren’t wielded in a way that resonates with audiences. 

One such trend that has recently taken the world by storm is short-form video platforms. TikTok has quickly captured a vast audience – with over one billion users – while platforms like Instagram and Facebook have rushed to implement compatibility into their existing framework. 

Short-form videos, which are usually less than a minute long, have become more than just a new technique for businesses to engage with audiences. As greater audience numbers specifically seek out this content it has become a vital battlefield in the digital arena. 

What Exactly Are Short-Form Videos? 

While ‘short-form video’ may have you thinking of videos that are a few minutes long, the short-form videos we’re talking about here are another beast entirely. The optimal recommended video length for TikTok is just 21 to 34 seconds. 

This format is designed to capture viewers’ attention quickly and deliver concise messages in a brief and engaging manner. This is hard enough already, let alone when you are trying to promote your brand too!


TikTok application on a smartphone
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Why Is Short-Form So Important?  

Increased Engagement 

Short-form videos have a distinct advantage in capturing users’ attention within the first few seconds. Their brevity is a perfect match for the dwindling attention spans of the modern online audience. Businesses that use this format can engage users more effectively compared to traditional long-form content. 

Wider Reach 

Short-form videos have huge potential to go viral much faster than standard video content. These videos are not only watched at a high rate but shared that way too.

A captivating 30-second video can spread rapidly and reach a global audience. Both new and established businesses have an opportunity to connect with millions of new users, far beyond their typical reach. 

Brand Enhancement 

As the medium is so fast-paced, it needs to be punchy. Naturally, this is perfect for brands to showcase their personality, creativity, and authenticity, enhancing their brand image and establishing a memorable identity.

For brands that have strong values, it’s never been easier to communicate them directly to audiences. 

Audience Participation  

Short-form videos are quick and easy to make. Although difficult to do well, this has led to an abundance of amateur creators. Almost everybody on these platforms is not just a consumer, but a creator too. This opens a lot of doors – influencer marketing, competitions and encouraging audiences to create their own videos as a response. 

Short vs Traditional Video 

Short-form video content has significant advantages, but it’s important to know when to use them instead of traditional long-form video content.  

Short-form videos are ideal for announcing quick updates, promoting products, teasing upcoming launches, and showcasing your brand’s light and fun side. They are perfect for quickly capturing viewer attention and maintaining engagement.  

Deciding which format to use depends on your content strategy and target audience. In many cases, using a mix of both short-form and long-form videos can be the most effective approach. 

Long-form content can even be adapted into short-form snippets – pushing quality content in multiple streams, and getting great bang for your buck. 

The Future of Mobile Video Marketing 

For many businesses, short-form videos will remain an essential element of your marketing strategy, even as technology and user behaviour continue to evolve.  

Rather than be replaced, these videos are likely to utilise innovative interactive features like shoppable options, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences.  

As short-form video content continues to gain market share, businesses will have more opportunities to reach their intended audience.  

However, competition is fierce, and success in this medium requires conveying brand messages with authenticity, creativity, and a human touch. 

Don’t be misled by the relative ease of creating short-form content – it still requires large amounts of time, effort and skill to get right. 

Take the Plunge 

If you are looking to create short-form video content for your business, contact OtherBirds today.  

We understand that every business is unique, and that is how we create marketing strategies that work best for your brand. Let us help you promote your content in a way that represents your brand best and sets you apart from the competition.