Where To Begin Your Marketing Plan

No matter the business size, marketing should be of the utmost importance in your business strategy. Though when planning a marketing approach, chances are that not all businesses need to utilise every single type of marketing that’s out there. 

You might only need to use some digital marketing here, and maybe add a splash of traditional marketing there, then voilà – they now have an effective marketing strategy!

For some businesses, however, the prospect of navigating the marketing waters on their own can seem daunting. 

This is where OtherBirds comes in. We provide our clients with a comprehensive marketing solution to elevate their brand and make an impact. As part of this, we develop detailed marketing plans to help you understand what’s needed to succeed. 

In this blog, we examine key aspects of traditional and digital marketing that can benefit businesses who want to expand their brand awareness. 

Take It Online (Website development and social media)

As the online realm keeps taking the world by storm, it’s important that businesses keep pace with the digital trends.

Website development is a key part of this. With about three-in-ten adults saying they’re online constantly, having a robust website that allows the user to easily navigate through your online store or website is essential for a thriving business. A well-designed website that can reflow onto multiple devices can also ​​put you ahead of your competitors, as 40% of consumers will jump ship if they have a negative experience on a brand’s mobile website.

Another way to take your marketing online is via social media. With over half of the world’s population using social media, making engaging content on a variety of platforms can help businesses to expand their brand awareness on a global scale. Social media presents an opportunity to increase website traffic, create leads via paid socials and boost sales. It also gives a business the opportunity to diversify its content and put a name to a label.

Increasing search engine optimisation (SEO) is another fantastic way to take things online to make a brand more visible. Improving your Google search rankings can increase your click-through rate significantly, leading to an increase in sales and website traffic.

Show Off In The Real World

While it’s all well and good to track likes, views and comments with digital marketing, traditional marketing is equally beneficial to many businesses.

If you want to make an immediate impression, then look no further than print media! By having ads printed out in some form, be it in a newspaper or as a flyer, audiences can have a tangible item they can interact with. It can demonstrate the professionalism of a business based on the feel of the brochure, while also being something that you can easily carry around and show others. Print media also allows businesses to focus on local audiences and tailor their messaging to suit.

Though if a radio jingle or TV commercial is more your scene, then this method of traditional marketing is equally effective. Like with print media, brands can focus their marketing efforts on specific audiences via TV and radio ads. For example, a brand for mother’s might have an ad slot for the school drop-off. Having a TV or radio ad also builds customer trust and allows brands to build their network.

Mix It All Together!

Brands can combine both types of marketing to engage audiences on a larger scale. For instance, a print ad might have a QR code that leads the consumer to a well-designed website. Or social media content can highlight posters that are strategically placed throughout a city or town. The options are truly endless!

Here at OtherBirds, one of our specialties is fusing both types of marketing to create a holistic, engaging campaign for a number of businesses across industries. During the planning stages, we help people to identify which type of marketing can help meet their needs.

If you want to kick-start your marketing journey but aren’t sure where to start, then get in touch with the OtherBirds team today.