Video and Visual Content: Standing Out with Content Marketing

As we talked to in our last blog, content marketing is a great way to establish your brand and build customer awareness. If you haven’t read it yet, Check it out here!

While it’s great to take the plunge and decide you’ll embrace content marketing, and better still to draw up a content marketing strategy, today we’ll be discussing the details of the material itself. It’s one thing to decide that you want to provide meaningful content, but it’s another to actually create it.

In an effort to stay ahead, businesses are increasingly turning to advertising agencies Australia-wide. Some are going as far as to hire an app development company to create powerful content marketing material.

When it comes to capturing audience attention, strong, high-quality visuals and video content can illustrate a first-rate business that really knows what they’re talking about.

The Power of Good Visuals

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your social media feeds while waiting for an appointment, not really paying attention, just killing time? For many of us, this is a semi-regular occurrence. 

For all the power of words, they’re often not the most effective way to capture the attention of an audience that’s hardly paying attention. In order to comprehend the quality of the text, you actually have to read it, but many may simply prefer to scroll on. 

So while text may blur – literally and figuratively – a well-designed visual can really recapture someone’s attention. A professionally produced video or visual asset instantly conveys the effort put into a brand.

Don’t get us wrong – good long form copy can do wonders, but when you’re a brand-new business trying to establish audience awareness, you need to be ready for scroll-happy audiences who’ve never heard of you before, and are eager to pass you by. Rather than expecting your audience to read a paragraph or two, well-written copy can be incorporated into videos or visuals themselves.

Why Content Marketing Excels with Visual Material

In a world inundated with information, the dynamic nature of videos immediately seizes attention, making it easier to convey complex ideas and messages. 

These formats evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and simplify complicated ideas, leading to higher engagement and sharing rates. Visual content has the power to transcend language barriers, enabling global brands to connect with audiences worldwide. Videos can stimulate multiple senses, resulting in a more memorable and immersive experience for viewers. 

This may sound like a bunch of buzzwords, but simply consider how often have you shared an entertaining or interesting video or picture with a friend. Probably a lot more times than you’ve shared a paragraph of text that you saw in your social feed.

Who’s Your Audience?

Delving into the realm of visual and video content creation unveils a world of its own. While the rewards are abundant, the challenges are equally significant. 

Crafting high-quality video content requires talent across multiple fields, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to the filming itself, and post-production editing.

If that wasn’t difficult enough already, each aspect needs to align with your brand’s identity and values. Considerations must be tailored to the specific audience – their preferences, behaviours, and viewing platforms. 

Creating quality visual content stands out due to the very nature that it is difficult for amateurs to create – it’s a sign of professionalism.

The OtherBirds Difference

Creating quality content is a job in itself, which is why more and more start-ups are turning to marketing agencies to deliver quality content while they focus on running and building their business.

At OtherBirds we approach every client with our utmost dedication – whether you’re a small start-up looking to branch out, a large corporation, or anything in between.

Get in touch today, and let’s work together to take your brand to new heights.