Smart Branding in the Modern Era: The Power of Organic Social Media

Did you know: an estimated 40% of consumers were found to stumble across their ideal product through organic social media posts? This leads us to ask, what exactly is organic and why should we be aware?

An organic social media post is any content or post that’s shared for free to increase conversions. At their core, social media platforms have been designed to foster engagement and interaction with audiences, and every post will be judged by these metrics — no matter how catchy it is. But when you’re able to pump out countless posts for free, there’s a certain freedom that comes with it, and brands can take creative liberties to test what works with their audience.

Compare this with paid promotional posts, where each word and image must be perfected to maximise conversion, organic social media has some huge upside for marketing teams.

It’s safe to say that bigger is no longer better and minimalism is more than welcome. In the midst of fast-paced trendsetting, there are few central features that distinguish it from paid social media campaigns.

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Building authenticity and reflecting personality

The world of organic social media platforms primarily rely on cost-effective marketing techniques to maximise profits. By establishing a tone of authenticity and vulnerability with relatively raw and au naturel content, brands can thrive on increased customer trust and loyalty.

To entertain a shorter attention span

Since the rise of social media, eye-catching audio-visual content has long taken precedence over written content as audience interests sharpen and their attention spans wane. Making a good first impression has become a vital part of improving your engagement rates, otherwise audiences will scroll right on by your brand. It is becoming increasingly complex to match the world’s pace while grasping customer interest.

By relying on comedic or educative components — rather than just selling a product’s features — we can create memorable content with more feel to it. In a stark contrast to audiences of decades past, consumers are steering away from overtly pushy advertising, and prefer to interact with brands that produce entertaining and creative content.

The voice of the people

As influencers take over the internet, potential has increased to activate consumers as brand participants, rather than passive onlookers. Good content can foster connection and interaction, drawing from shared experiences and those more humanised moments.

This brings us back to the authenticity of organic social media. It’s important that your content speaks to an audience and acknowledges their likes, dislikes, goals and pain points. Or better yet, instead of making assumptions about what these are, get your audience to tell you!

Reviews — either written or in video form — can be a great tool to activate an audience. Encourage them to express how they really feel about your brand and reward those who are regular participants in your brand story. By highlighting your gratitude for these active participants, others will follow suit and soon you’ll have your own army of loyal reviewers.

Never underestimate how much a more humanised post can pull on the emotional strings of your audience. In a best-case scenario, it can create a ripple effect so wide that your new audience members couldn’t even follow where it came from. All they’ll know is they’ve heard of your brand and they want to know more.

If you were to ask the creators of popular social media brands and pages, the one thing they’d all have in common would be the need to have an active audience that participates and not a passive base, this is where creativity and strategy comes into play.

Unspoken cues – the importance of a brand Identity

The difference between you and your competitor could merely come down to your brand identity. We are fortunate to be working in a creative age that enables us to cut costs while working smarter.

Let us take a look at certain key brands and how they’ve harnessed a strong brand position. From your colour palette to your tone of voice, it’s important to establish consistent and impactful elements in your brand and services from the start.

When you happen to pass by a ‘tick logo’ that has been positioned with no particular context in bold, or a yellow ‘M’, our brains are automatically wired to affiliate them to the brands that have promoted them. Nike and McDonalds are two among countless businesses that have understood the importance of tapping into visual cues to establish themselves.

When designing your brand’s post, remember that it does not have to be the top of its league, but rather a bridge between what you offer and what the audience needs.

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