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Moving from the big smoke or from another town can be a big deal.There is a lot to think about and lots of reasons to make the tree change. One of the big reasons is lifestyle and getting quality time back in our days, quality time for family and time to just let your kids be kids.If the kids are happy, you’re well on your way to settling into your new home town.


 This is where we handed it over to the experts; the kids who have made the move. They also got a little help from some true blue, born and bred Wangarattans too. This was where they told us what they love about Wang and in the process show off everything it has to offer.

For this approach, we reached out to find a mix of children with different backgrounds, hobbies and interests. They were chosen to cover off a range of benefits of living in Wangaratta ie. ‘lots of land and space available’ and also an opportunity to showcase local amenities like schools, sports facilities and arts precincts. It involved a casual chat/interview with the kids about their favourite things and we aimed to capture some genuine and passionate responses.


This project resulted in an adorable video that showcased what kids really want.