A Guide to Global Marketing

 A Guide to Global Marketing

With more and more businesses going fully online, it’s easy to get swept up in the global marketplace. For businesses with the right resources, however, an effective marketing plan can help to expand on a global scale, while also reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness.

As one of the leading advertising agencies Australia-wide and with clients across the globe, we know a thing or two about taking our clients’ marketing to the world. So how can you effectively create and execute a global marketing strategy? Well, in this blog, we’re going to answer that question and more!

 Market research

Before you start opening a blank document and titling it ‘Global Marketing Strategy’, it’s important that you do your market research first. It’s vitally important to have a nuanced understanding of the type of people you’re marketing your product to, no matter which country they’re in.

By getting baseline knowledge about their culture, preferred marketing channels and key demographics, you can tailor your marketing approach in a way that resonates with your intended audience. You should also focus on regions that you know your business will thrive in, rather than spreading yourself too thin.

 Teamwork makes the dream work

Once you’ve conducted your market research, it’s important to assemble the right team to bring your global marketing strategy to fruition. Whether this is working with a marketing agency like OtherBirds, or going in-house, a team knowledgeable and experienced team is essential.

From creative copywriters to daring designers, your team needs to understand and execute every inch of your marketing plan to perfection – or as close to perfection as possible. 

 Develop your marketing brand

Now that you’re equipped with the people and tools you need to succeed, it’s time to create that plan. To start with, take a look at your company’s goals and see how they align with your intended market. This can help you shape the goals that will form the foundations of your plan.

You should study the personas you created in the research stage, then work out how you can communicate your product or service through marketing to these audiences. Another thing to weave into your plan is your competitors – what are they doing and how can you differentiate yourself for the better? By focusing on your strengths, while addressing any weaknesses, you can create an effective strategy that will garner great results.

Each global audience that you’re targeting will have different communication and service needs, so it’s important that you localise your messaging and product to suit each region of focus. For example, there’s no use in promoting tap-and-go payment methods in countries where cash is the prominent payment method.

As part of this localisation, connecting with your customers is key to a successful global strategy. This is because no two countries are the same, and this extends to how locals respond to certain messages. Tailor your messaging so that locals can relate to what you’re trying to say. Learning pop culture references specific to that region, their holidays and unique events can be a valuable asset to your strategy.

 Let OtherBirds make your brand soar

Executing your global marketing strategy is one thing, but perfecting it requires constant refinement. Whether you A/B test your strategy with two demographics from the same country, or you decide to track key metrics, improving your marketing strategy can help you achieve stellar results.

If you need a helping hand to make your brand take flight, then OtherBirds is here to help!

With talented creatives and experts across copywriting, design and performance located across the globe, we know a thing or two about taking brands globally. If you want to kick-start your global marketing strategy, then get in touch with one of our sales team and let’s make your business soar.